ControlK Launches

The new ControlK.com has launched.

We envision this site as a hybrid of a traditional "brochure" website for our consulting business and a blog covering the subject of business blogging. Very meta, we know.

We believe in the power of blogging to break through the information clutter and speak honestly to an audience. It was hard, then, to justify building a typical consulting website with the egregious Flash intro, the standard About-Services-Contact navigation system, and the boring copy everyone expects. So we wrote about ourselves the way we would blog about any other topic, and we organized our content into categories which seemed relevant. We still ended up with a "Services" tab and a "Contact" tab, but I'd bet they're a lot more interesting to read than you're used to.

In this section ("Our Blog") we'll be blogging about ongoing news in the business blogging world, including good examples we come by, events, etc.

Please let us know what you think.

Who Is ControlK?
Control K is a business and technical consulting company based in New York City and the parent company of BlinkPro.
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